Hodoorgan Design, Inc.

Affordable & Creative Marketing Specializing in Small and New Business.

Affordable and creative marketing for small and new business.

About Hodoorgan Design, Inc.

How to pronounce Hodoorgan:


HODOORGAN Meaning: Passion for Marketing

Such as: 

  • Your website sure could use some hodoorgan.
  • You really hodoorganed that blog of yours!
  • Way to hodoorgan your Facebook business page.
  • Who hodoorgans your Twitter account?
  • My business Instagram account sure needs some hodoorgan.
  • Is Pinterest for business? If so, mine needs some serious hodoorgan to get noticed!
  • Your business cards look as if a professional hodoorgan designed them.
  • I need recommendation for a good hodoorgan to design  my new company's logo and website.